Our Topsy Turvy World
Come wander with me!

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Prepare to experience the world in unfamiliar ways through the eyes of an indefatigable retired physicist turned amateur cultural anthropologist who abhors tourist crowds and has wandered the world for the past thirty years with little more than a fat US passport, a twenty pound backpack, a tiny "spy" camera, a pair of comfortable M3851 Propet walking shoes and an acute appreciation of serendipity. Pondering the questions that have plagued thinkers through the ages while mingling in the lives and activities of ordinary people doing ordinary things in places seldom visited by the jet set holiday crowd, he asks himself the hard questions… and sometimes finds elusive answers. With an extraordinary talent for locating excellent value lodging, he shops for hotels like most people shop for vegetables. Walking the hidden nooks and wrinkles of every new town, he relies on spontaneous encounters with colorful local snoops to guide his quests until a cozy retreat meeting his comfort and pecuniary constraints eventually materializes... only rarely sleeping in an airline lounge or bus terminal. 

"Join me as I describe my unusual travel experiences in a quirky series of Internet based 'postcards' embellished with the thousands of photographs I've taken since January 2000 and a bounty of useful noncommercial reference materials."  Fred L Bellomy