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Hong Kong 1 March 1979
Hong Kong 20 June 1979
Hong Kong 4 April 1980
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A Jumbo approaches Hong Kong's famous Kai-Tak Airport (closed on 5 July 1998)
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4 April 1980

Greetings from Hong Kong,

Having been introduced to the DHL courier service I made use of it three times for visits to Hong Kong during 1979 and 1980. The trips had to be one, two or three weeks in duration to accommodate the complicated scheduling procedures at DHL.  My only responsibilities were to show up promptly for my scheduled courier duties for both legs of the trip, carry a fistful of excess baggage claim checks and to make sure agents on arrival took possession of the many bags of packages and the claim checks. After that I was free to do as I liked until the scheduled return flight 1,2 or 3 weeks later.

My first trip lasted a week. The second two allowed me to be over there for three weeks each. On the second trip I met my future second wife, Tomoko Sukigawa and during my third visit I married her on 24 April 1980. I returned back to Santa Barbara while she continued working as a stewardess for Cathay Pacific Airline until she joined me in California on 19 June 1980. 9/6/2012 from memory.


Fred L Bellomy








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 August 2002

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