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There were once about 5000 castles in Japan, but today there are only about 50 left. This picture is just a place holder space maker.


There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.


16 August 1985

Hello again from Morioka,

On the way to Hokaido we stopped in Morioka to celebrate Obon and watch the parade of boats and the fireworks set off from the floating regatta. The noise and elaborate displays reminded me of Fiesta time in Santa Barbara.

Obon is the time for remembering the dead and honoring the family's ancestral spirits. Traditionally, it is believed that the souls of the departed visit the world of the living and then return to the otherworld after Obon. This year I joined Tomoko as she visited her home in Mito and participated in the rituals around the graves of her ancestors which included washing the monuments with liberal splashes of sake! The solemnity touched me deeply.


Fred L Bellomy

Morioka Japan:  One family or village preparing their offering for release into the river current to join the display of wild fireworks and burning, smoking boats - Samuraidave .. (Place holder)


Need to scan some paper photos for this visit.




There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.

Elaborate boats are created specifically for the festival then burnt in a lavish display of  fireworks as the boats float down the river - Samuraidave. (Place holder)

Morioka Japan:  Boats burning on the river - Samuraidave. (Place holder)


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 August 2002

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