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fat·u·ous (fch-s) adj. 
1.Vacuously, smugly, and unconsciously foolish. See Synonyms at foolish. 
2.Delusive; unreal: fatuous hopes. 
3.Complacently or inanely foolish: silly.[From Latin fatuus.] 

fru·i·tion (fr-shn) n. 
1.Realization of something desired or worked for; accomplishment: labor finally coming to fruition. 
2.Enjoyment derived from use or possession. 
3.The condition of bearing fruit. [Middle English fruicioun, from Old French fruicion, from Late Latin fruiti, fruitin- enjoyment, from Latin fruitus, past participle of fru, to enjoy.] 
Welcome to my secret cave. The shadows you see on the walls are mere reminders of my observations and conclusions made during a lifetime of study; study into the nature of what others call reality. Poke around and you may discover why I have chosen to characterize the results of my personal quest as mere fatuous fruitions

Everything I say here has  already been said before, often beautifully, and by authorities qualified to know what they are talking about. So, why have I bothered? The simple answer is that I need to organize my thoughts systematically and writing it all down is the easiest way to do that. On a practical level, this site is my own personal study guide, a highly annotated collection of bookmarks or favorite links to particularly informative, authoritative and clearly written material others have planted around the World Wide Web. If you have found your way to this page, it is possible we share common interests and the materials I have found may prove helpful in your own studies. 

Like many before me, it is with a good deal of gratitude that I "stand on the shoulders of giants" while searching the horizons for the clearest possible views. I begin the search with the realization that I will need to scrape off layers of political correctness on occasion in order to see the unadorned "truth," free of dogma and enigma. I do not want to be fettered by social consensus as I try to learn whether or not the best currently available evidence supports my tentative conclusion that: 

Ultimate Reality is unknowable and nothing really matters in the long run... nothing that is, except every single present moment...  each of which is precious beyond measure. 

So, join me as I attempt to reach meaningful conclusions about the nature of the human condition and what can be known about the ultimate nature of reality.

Fred Bellomy 1999  


Postscript: The tools now available in the era of the World Wide Web and Web Browsers, make it possible to immediately link to diverse sources of related information. I believe eventually most serious writing will simply use HTML as I have done here.  It is possible that some integrated combination of print and display presentation will emerge as the preferred mode of publishing in the future. The dominance of hard copy only publishing is a fading anachronism. If you still prefer reading things on paper, just print out a copy. You can always bring the same  pages up online to explore the rich storehouse of materials behind the hyperlinks.

Hyperlinking to the work of others avoids some unnecessary duplication of effort on my part. Footnotes and bibliographies were fine when information had to be presented linearly on a printed page or online with the print format equivalent provided by PDF/Adobe Acrobat. As parts of this work are based on some rather complex and paradoxical ideas, I will be struggling to keep the presentation as simple as possible without sacrificing rigorous attention to scientific evidence. I am doing this for at least two reasons. First, I want to make sure I actually understand some of the more complex, even contentious ideas. And second, with all the millions of people crawling around the web, sooner or later someone else is going to discover my writing and I hope they will find it not only provocative, but also readable and understandable. FB August 2006.

"ON WHAT’S HAPPENING: The Evolution of the Human Mind" by Robert Scantlebury – July 1991 is a remarkably lucid exploration of the human condition paralleling my own. His long, book length essay makes a serious attempt to discover "what it all means"...  FB August 2006



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