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If you enjoy the subjects I have been exploring on this web site, you also might want to take a look at some of the following sites as well:

Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist who writes for the non-scientific public about our current understanding of the Universe and our efforts to discover a theory of everything. Highly readable.

Sanderson Beck offers a cornucopia of his personal scholarship and understanding of the human condition and the great philosophers in history. Very easy to read and authoritative. Much of my knowledge of Socrates is based on his writing available at this site.

The Seven Points of Mind Training is an excellent and well organized presentation of core Buddhist teachings. The Seven Points consist of 57 proverbs divided by subject into seven sections each with commentaries by five teachers... a good place to enter the Wisdom Path.

LAURA LEE SHOW: We’re looking for fresh insights into those age-old questions: who are we, where did we come from, and where are going -- as we collectively add pieces to the Grand Puzzle of Life. Many of the radio interviews are available online at this site.

The Diane Rehm Show: challenges the frontiers of knowledge with her interviews of cutting edge researchers and creative thinkers. Shows frequently have guests with scientific backgrounds discussing recent discoveries.

Science Friday Archives: is a rich collection of interviews aired on the National Public Radio program Science Friday. Guests have included major physicists, cosmologists, molecular biologists, and others working at the frontiers of science. Most programs are an hour long and require RealAudio.

Hyperspace Physics is a site apparently created by students now long gone as many of the links have died. Still, it is worth the aggravation as here you will find a broad spectrum of materials dealing with modern theoretical physics from Quantum Mechanics to String Theory. Be prepared to dodge the imbedded rantings of psychedelic evangelists.

Deoxyribonucleic is an exceptional site devoted to what might be loosely called "New Age" topics including serious subjects like consciousness. The site looks like it might have been designed by someone still on an LSD trip: psychedelic graphics! 

Gateway to Online Science maintained by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation is just plain fun. It is a remarkable site full of contemporary science presentations on topics ranging from genetics to cosmology.

Audio Interviews by Don Swaim For more than ten years he produced a daily broadcast that focused on books and authors, "Book Beat," nationally syndicated by the CBS Radio Stations News Service. Over 130 of those interviews can be heard here in RealAudio.

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