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There were once about 5000 castles in Japan, but today there are only about 50 left. This picture is just a place holder space maker.


There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.


7 August 1983

Greetings from Hiroshima,

My second wife, Tomoko and I toured the country of her birth, visiting the emotionally compelling city of Hiroshima where the first atomic bomb ever used in war devastated much of the old city. We attended the annual memorial service along with national dignitaries including the current premier. I found it surprising that there seemed to be no personal security for the premier. At the site of the bombed out tower which has been left as it was after the blast I felt compassion for all the lives lost in the holocaust. Near by is a large tree planted in memory of all the school age children victims, today covered by dozens of "thousand cranes" origami strings prepared by school children in preparation for their visit to the shrine.

From memory 25 March 2013


Fred L Bellomy







There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.

Hiroshima Damage Map

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 August 2002

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