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There were once about 5000 castles in Japan, but today there are only about 50 left. This picture is just a place holder space maker.


There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.


27 July 1983

Greetings from Mito Japan,

My second wife Tomoko is Japanese. On this, a combination vacation and business trip to the country of her birth, we spent time with her parents, older brother and sister, and nieces and nephews. Her family home is not far from Mito in Ibaraki Prefecture about fifty miles north-east of Tokyo.


Fred L Bellomy




Mito-shi Location Map






There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.


Mito is most famous for is the plum (Ume) trees in Kairaku-en park. Kairaku-en is thought to be one of the great 3 parks of Japan.
Statue of Mito Komon in front of JR Mito Station, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture. "PEACE DECLARATION: A peaceful world is the wish of all humankind. The proliferation of nuclear armaments among those nations possessing such capabilities has become a threat to the very existence of mankind. As Japan is the only country which has suffered atomic bombing, we, the citizens of Mito , consider it our mission to appeal for the dismantling of the world's nuclear arsenals, and in doing so declare Mito to be a "City of Eternal Peace".  By the City of Mito, Japan Dated on July 1, 1985 "


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 August 2002

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