1984 Eurail Tour
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There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.


Santa Barbara California
London England
Liverpool England
Wigan England
Glasgow Scotland
Aberdeen Scotland
Inverness Scotland
Gent Belgium
Hanau Germany
Zurich Switzerland
Paris France
Barcelona Spain
Madrid Spain
Cadiz Spain
Tangier Moroco
Seguenza Spain
Argomaniz Spain
Nice France
Milano Italy
Venice Italy
Wien Austria
Stuttgart Germany
Dortmound Germany
Stockholm Swedan
Norvic Norway
Lohja Finland
Monchengladbach Germany
Hof Germany
Berlin German
Utrech Holland
Zeist Holland
Trier Germany
Angsburg Germany
Meinz Germany
Amsterdam Holland
Santa Barbara California


There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.


SmallBook4 July 1984



Greetings from Santa Barbara ,

My second wife and I took off on a three month "honeymoon" tour of Europe using a pair of first class Eurail Passes. That meant sleeping on trains during many night trips between destinations starting in Belgium where the Eurail service became available. Periodically about half the time we would actually stay in hotels along the way, but much of the time would just pull out the seats in the first class compartments making a not totally uncomfortable flat sleeping surface for the night. Each evening we studied the departure board in the train station for a long ride to someplace we had not yet visited and board that train for the over night ride... and restless sleep. It worked pretty well most of the time, though when we did decide to stay in a real hotel, the stationary comfort felt like a very welcome luxury.

... from memory 7/31/2012


Fred L Bellomy







There may be some old photos to be scanned and added here.



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 August 2002

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