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 Laser-beams penetrating the Eiffel Tower <br>during Bastille Day celebrations, Paris
Paris France: Eiffel Tower illumination show during the Bastille Day Celebrations. This is just a stock photo space maker place holder.


Need to scan some paper photos for this visit.


12 January 1979

Greetings from Monchengladbach Germany,

At the On-line conference in London last month one of the participants invited me to visit his hometown in Germany, a place called Monchengladbach near Dusseldorf. Hans Hirschel, his wife Inge, his 18 year old daughter Helki and his 15 year old son Volker showed me around the area.  Hans and I went over to Amsterdam for a couple days where some guy on the street offered me "hash" without the slightest attempt to hide the transaction: it is legal in Holland. That Sunday I joined the Herchels as they attended services at their Lutheran Church where the "fire and brimstone" preacher made it clear that hell is no place for a lady, screaming and gesticulating in a manner that made his message clear in any language: he "spoke" German, of course. When asked about the absence of any synagogues, Mrs Herchel pointed out "they don't like us very much."


Fred L Bellomy





Need to scan some paper photos for this visit.



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 August 2002

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