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Santa Barbara California


 Laser-beams penetrating the Eiffel Tower <br>during Bastille Day celebrations, Paris
Paris France: Eiffel Tower illumination show during the Bastille Day Celebrations. This is just a stock photo space maker place holder.


Need to scan some paper photos for this visit.


22 December 1977

Hello from Santa Barbara again,

I'm back from my first ever European visit, in fact my first ever international trip other than brief day trips to Tijuana Mexico across the border from San Diego. I was able to make the trip because the On-line Information Meeting in London paid me to deliver a speech and lead a workshop on starting and running an on-line information brokerage based on my experience with the Info-Mart which I started several years earlier in Santa Barbara, California. I am forty-three years old... a late bloomer!


Fred L Bellomy

PS: Wise one says: "To become wise you must begin by living wisely."




Need to scan some paper photos for this visit.



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 August 2002

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