Dangerous Times
Dangerous Times As I plan my next foreign expedition I cannot help but reflect on the dangerous times in which we live. Of course, every time has its dangers and most times are only dangerous for a few people and in a few places... at least since Civilization replaced Barbarism.  Still, there are dangers and the power elite, those calling the social, political and economic shots, seem determined to exploit every possible opportunity to create a climate of fear, exaggerating dangers both real and fabricated. My travels have taken me through regions where real terrorism is a daily threat. People cope with that reality and go on with their lives... albeit somewhat more circumspect than folks not so threatened. Statistically, terrorist actions hardly make a blip on a population's death rate, and pale when compared to some of our country's military adventures. They do however, get plenty of attention in the news, which of course is the ultimate objective of the group responsible for such desperate actions. 

As I prepare to depart for Latin America my research reveals US State Department Travel Advisories for most of the countries I hope to visit. In the past, where the US Government has advised citizens to avoid a particular country, I have found the people there to be particularly gracious, anxious to demonstrate my government's  cautions unfounded. So, while I plan to remain alert to potential problems, gathering new information on the spot where practical, I will go wherever the spirit guides me, trusting in serendipity to reveal the most rewarding routes. 

You will notice three aspects of danger listed under the banner above. These are all personal concerns of mine and the views expressed may not always be politically correct. But, they do reflect an honest attempt to see what is real... with the eyes of a child. I invite you to consider each of them, also.

Fred  13 June 2005

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 August 2002

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