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30 October 2012

Greetings from Las Vegas,

When hostilities broke out in this part of the world while I wandered Africa during 2000-2001, I set aside hopes of ever being able to explore ancient Mesopotamia in Iraq during my lifetime. A few months ago I discovered the northern region protected by the UN no-fly zone has flourished under the management of Kurdish people and reportedly is even safe enough for casual tourism! Since then I've learned a good deal more about the Kurds and their hopes of someday having their own country carved out of Iran, Syria, Turkey and Iraq. With the attacks by the Kurdish PKK subsiding in the wake of political incentives, it looked like a good time to try for a visit. So, off I went.

Considering all the news reports of hostilities throughout southeast Turkey and in the Kurdistan regions in particular, this is a good time to brush-up on personal security issues. Prior to my 2001 African expedition I studied the Survival & Self-Reliance training site and now is a good time to review the training.

Need to write more for this phase of the trip!



Fred L Bellomy








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 August 2002

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