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No travel photos this time.

1 December 2003 

Hello Globe Trotter Watchers,  

In a few days I leave for northeast India and western China. This “postcard” is both a brief preview of things to come and a probe to discover which e-mail addresses no longer work. A hard disk crash and corruption of my address file on yahoo.com required rebuilding new people files from old backups. No doubt errors have been made; left someone out or added someone who has no interest in travelogue trivia. If something isn’t right, let me know.


If you are among the sizable handful of folks anxiously awaiting new postcards from far away places with strange sounding names, your wait is over. Visit my new website for a preview of coming attractions. Far western China and the enigmatic Seven Sisters region of India are calling, calling me.



Fred L Bellomy





No photos this time.


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 August 2002

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My collection of inventory photos as of November 2003

















Mountain Meadows Apartment Inventory Photos November 29, 2003 - 105 photos. Photos taken in Big Bear Lake just before the fire evacuation on 4 November 2003










My collection of inventory photos as of November 2003