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Photos taken during this brief visit are included in the postcard for:
January 2004

11-16 March 2004  

Hello from Bangkok,

I am back in Bangkok to arrange transport into China. It is just as well. That tooth I broke on a chicken bone in Kathmandu can now be fixed by the same dentist who took care of the first broken tooth last December.

Crossed paths with Elizabeth again and learned we will both be traveling through western China at the same time; we first became acquainted in 2001 in Egypt when I first met her and her Nazi boyfriend: a very adventuresome lady (I learned a few months later from her daughter that she had died in China from breast cancer).

Although only here for a few days to make flight arrangements over to Xi'an, I managed to spend Sunday at the week-end Jatujak Market; lots of pictures. Another day I enjoyed shopping in the Pantip computer super mall.

Time to get ready for the China flight. More later.

Fred L Bellomy





Bangkok Thailand: The Weekend Market opens with all kinds of goods on display. Here is a shop offering elegant wooden sculptures.


For more photos see the collection with the earlier visit to Bangkok.

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 August 2002

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