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1 November 2013
Hello tireless wanderer watchers,

Procrastination is an art I seem to have unwittingly perfected. I promised in the last note to share insights discovered during my sojourn into Iraq and through Eastern Europe. But, here it is time to finalize preparations for my next adventure and all I have to show for good intentions is a bunch of disjointed notes and no clear plan for bringing them together into anything resembling coherence.

The next postcard probably will be penned somewhere in Thailand, Bangkok most likely.

Fred L Bellomy

14 March 2013

Prescript 1:

Greetings from home again,

I arrived back home in Las Vegas yesterday 13 March after four months exploring places I've never been before around the world. My first destination included Iraqi Kurdistan with some interesting stops along the way in Turkey. Then I headed up into cold, cold eastern Europe, finally making it into Russian Kaliningrad before heading home.

Where to next? Good question. I'll need to do an inventory of places I've been to see what is left...

More to be written here...



Fred L Bellomy


Prescript 2:

27 March 2013  -  Nevada

Hello from the Las Vegas Hermitage,

O.K. I'm convinced. Anyone who has taken the time to follow my globe hopping shenanigans deserves some closure.

So, after gentle prodding by several devoted readers of my perilous adventure stories, this short note hopefully will set any troubled minds out there at ease.

I'm safely back home and catching up.

If your understandable reaction to that is "So what?", please excuse this lazy way of acknowledging the anxious pleadings from a few readers/friends who worry I might still be in harm's way.

Calling this note a prescript foreshadows the new postcard I'm working on between snoozes. Life here in America with its endless choices contrasts dramatically with the relative simplicity of life on the road. As I reflect on the past four and a half months, a flood of perplexing questions have prompted some deep thinking. What have I learned this time about the amazing variety of human accomplishments I've seen? Why do I travel so much? ... and why do I travel the way I do? Where should curiosity take me next? How best can my limited energies be spent in the future? etc. etc.

More coming...

Fred L Bellomy







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 August 2002

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