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Santa Barbara California



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21 June 1995

Hello from Bagiho Philippines, 

Spent the first two days on the island down in Manila talking with business clients and then made arrangements to fly up north to Bagiho, a cool mountain town that used to be an R&R destination for the American military. The Bagiho Palace Hotel at $44 met my minimum requirements. After learning of the seaside resort community down the mountain and that a bus could get me there, I escaped to the water where I found lots of pleasant nothing and a great, dirt cheap hotel with a sea view, the Sea and Sky Hotel at $22! Mosquitoes seem to find my attractive in this part of the world. More to come from memory.

From my journal notes 7/23/2012.


Fred L Bellomy








Author showing some excitement with the planning for the Pacific Island hopping adventure.


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Baguio Palace Hotel


Reference photo: author
 August 2002

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