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5 April 1999

Hello keyboard bound explorers,

Greetings from Antalya Turkey.

If you get this you may thank ______ (Fill ın your own preference of dıetıes; note the system will default to Bill Gates). I have had nothing but trouble using the Bcc: feature under hotmail. There is always something wrong. I've tried to send postcards from Bursa and Izmır, each time getting one error message or another from their system.

Since I last sent you a postcard I have been to the silk markets of Bursa and the ancient ruins of Efes (Ephisus) and Hıeropollıs. After a while one is tempted to quote Ronald Reagan: "When you've seen one, you have seen them all!" (Just kiddıng)

When I leave here I am off to the island of Cyprus.

Now I wıll try for a hotmail mıracle.


06 Apr 1999

Hello again, 

What a day yesterday turned out to be. Finally, I got hotmail to work properly (it was the keyboard!) and then someone set off a small, but very loud bomb not more than 50 meters from where I was having lunch. Really! Everyone in the area jumped as I did and many of us ran to the bombsite to see what was happening. There were no injuries or even structural damage, but it made a VERY LOUD boom.

That's all for this update (I've almost got this funny keyboard figured out).  


Fred L Bellomy







There may be some paper photos to add to this page.



Reference photo: author
 August 2002

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