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10 March 1999


Hello from Santa Barbara, California

Dear friends, worried relatives, and well wishers,

I've got all my shots plus a bag full of emergency antibiotics. I've tried packing the bag and everything fits. All the bills are paid and my list of critical things to do before leaving has dwindled to a single column. So, it looks like I am ready to take off in a couple days.  

Hopefully, I'll be able to drop you short notes occasionally along the way, but access to cyberspace may be problematic in some of the places I'm going. I'll be using the hotmail.com e-mail facility, so this is a final test before I go. If you do not get this, let me know;-|  


Fred L Bellomy

Green lines: since the mid 1990's I have been focusing on places in the world where intractable conflict has existed for many generations. My research takes me to the very lines dividing one group and their beliefs from another with different beliefs. Puzzled by the fact that ethnic or religious or political diversity exists all over the world in communities where people live in harmony with one another, I want to see first hand what might be the differences which distinguish groups in conflict with those at peace. Walking the Green Lines and talking to people living on either side has made it clear that the trouble makers are not the ideologists, but the scheming power mongers of the world.

Is it possible that we have evolved our sciences and technologies enough to better deal with what has been a plague on the human race since the beginning of human time? I think so and will outline a few simple steps which enlightened world statesmen might take to ensure less tragic times for future generations. Also, I will suggest what ordinary people like us might do to limit the unbridled use of raw personal power by those predisposed individuals which every generation produces.


Fred L Bellomy






There may be some paper photos to add to this page.


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 August 2002

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