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24 April 1999

Hello from Yerevan Armenia, 

I wish I had more time to tell the complete story of my great adventures crossing the Turkish-Georgia and Georgia-Armenia borders. But, my once a week available flight to Tashkent Uzbekistan leaves Jerevan in only a couple hours and I must be at the airport in about a half hour. So, this must be a brief hello from one of the most interesting places I have yet to visit in this part of the world. My new friend Vadim has been of great help and I have learned a lot about the history of the entire region plus Russia from him. My only regret is that I do not have more time to exchange ideas with him. I am sending this postcard from the machine in his office. 

As I am rushed, I'll say so long for a while. I am heading into some uncertain political situations. Hope to be able to write again in a day or two. 


Fred L Bellomy







There may be some paper photos to add to this page.



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 August 2002

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