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Minox-B "spy" camera I used while traveling during the last millennium. It is a beautiful piece of German technology and a pleasure to fondle. Unfortunately, the resolution of even snapshots is not very good. The chain/lanyard contains beads used for precisely measuring distance to secret documents the agent is trying to photograph!


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10 February 1998


Hello from Jesenica Slovenia,  

I left Trieste, Italy this morning by train bound for somewhere in Slovenia. Reading that the train route north through the mountain canyons could be spectacular, I headed for Jesenica by train after first crossing the border by bus. At Jesenica I got off the train. Now sunset and getting dark, I walked the town looking for a hotel. The train station is in a mostly residential area on the slope of a hill with little commerce of any kind and no hotels. The air, crisp with the remnants of a lingering winter and altitude, bit through my heavy down jacket increasing the urgency of some sort of warm shelter. So, after about an hour of exploring I jumped back on a train heading south to Ljubljana (pronounced Lu bee ahn ah) reluctantly as my arrival promised to be late in the night.


Fred L Bellomy








Need to scan paper photos and add to this page.


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 August 2002

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