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Split Croatia: Young people continue to enjoy sipping their coffee at outdoor cafes like this one in this seaside city on the Dalmatian Coast. Notice all the heavy jackets; it is cold. 
These few photos were taken with the tiny Minox-B "spy" camera, which  unfortunately has very low resolution.


13 February 1998


Hello from Split Croatia,  fron memory 2011

After a quick transit through Venice Italy and a swing up and through Slovenia I headed down the Dalmatian Coast by bus. Stopping briefly in Split I walked the city and made transport arrangements for continuing south toward Albania. I have just com across a few photos I took associated with Split, so here they are. The quality is poor and I'm not sure which camera I used to take them... probably the Pencam's predecessor.


Fred L Bellomy

Split Croatia: Outdoor weekend market near the seawall. It is cold and we are all bundled up.

Split Croatia: I can't imagine where all this lovely fresh fruit came from, but this farmers market had plenty to offer.

Split Croatia: Later in the morning after things started to warm up a bit, this farmers market attracted an eager crowd of shoppers.







Split Croatia: Backstreet in this seaside city on the Dalmatian Coast. It is a very cold February and everyone is wearing their warmest togs.  Split is suffering from a dearth of tourists due to the political turmoil in the country.

Split Croatia: I shared a compartment with this young Croatian man who told me horror stories of being conscripted into the Serbian army and being forced to commit atrocities against the Muslim populations of the area where he had been posted. I wrote an essay about the encounter. (need to find it) Every time I recall my long conversation with this gentle man I am reminded how good people can be coerced into doing things uterly unthinkable.

Minox-B "spy" camera I used while traveling during the last millennium. It is a beautiful piece of German technology and a pleasure to fondle. Unfortunately, the resolution of even snapshots is not very good. The chain/lanyard contains beads used for precisely measuring distance to secret documents the agent is trying to photograph!

Reference photo: author
 August 2002

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