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Trang Thailand: Sign in the very center of town.


5 March 2003

Hello from Trang Thailand.

The 8AM bus from Sungai Kolok arrived in the afternoon about 2PM and I grabbed the second decent hotel checked: the $15 Thumrin Thana Hotel which turned out to be quite good considering the low room rate except for the occupancy controlled air conditioning; off when I leave and then it took a long time to cool down when I again returned. There are a lot of hungry mosquitoes here, too. I met many friendly people on my long walks of exploration to figure out transportation possibilities onward toward Krabi and my final destination, Phang-Nga. After an uncomfortably hot night I boarded a minibus bound for Krabi the next morning, a little more than a hundred kilometers to the north.

Fred Bellomy



Trang Thailand: A tribute to the king? This monument is located near the clock-tower, a major landmark in the town.



Trang Thailand: In front of the $28 Thumrin Thana Hotel where I stayed on my way up to Krabi after the brief jump over the border into Malaysia.

Trang Thailand: Construction gang pauses to wait for more concrete filled rubber buckets to man-handle up the outside of the building being constructed. It looked like a lot of work.

Trang Thailand: Construction gang pauses to wait for more concrete. A couple of the guys caught me taking their picture and alerted the entire gang who seemed amused.


Reference photo: author
 August 2002

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